No pest control company works harder to benefit realtors than 360PestControl. We understand your business and we have developed services which benefit your clients and make your job easier.


First, we understand the home listing/selling/buying process. Our associates are not only pest control technicians, they carry dual licensure as home inspectors too. We understand conducive conditions which promote pest/termite infestations and wood destroying organisms. We understand VA/USDA/FHA requirements.


Second, we know a home sells faster with a termite guarantee. A home with a termite guarantee provides reassurance to the buyer while generally minimizing their costs in obtaining termite treatment after closing.


Third, we know most termite guarantees only provide protection against damage from eastern subterranean termites; what if the home is infested with Formosan termites, Drywood termites, wood destroying fungi or beetles between the time of the acceptance and closing? The buyer has no protection – until now.


Fourth, we know most “termite guarantees” provided by home warranty companies are basically worthless (and illegal by FDACS). These plans provide a cursory reimbursement for damage by eastern subterranean termites with a maximum benefit of $500.00 with no repair included. Realtors who refer these plans may find their clients are disgruntled when a problem arises.

We offer Realtors the opportunity to provide their clients with a truly professional referral. When you refer 360PestControl, you are offering your client the highest qualifications and service in the market and you can rest assured all parties will be treated respectfully and professionally.

No, we are not the “cheapest” WDO inspector you will find but we are the most qualified and most responsive. We offer solutions to common problems which affect your business; solutions you will not receive from lesser qualified companies. Do you want cheap or do you want value? Industry research reveals your customers want value over price and if left to their own, buyers will choose the best value over 90% of the time.

WDO Inspections

Our inspectors receive at least twice the training of the typical technician. Our reports are guaranteed the same day and in most cases, at the inspection. Our WDO reports are state of the art and include photographs for easy reference. Reports are emailed to all parties for easy discussion and sharing.

Pre-Listing Termite Plan

It’s a fact – homes with transferrable termite guarantees sell faster and give buyers confidence. If we conduct the WDO inspection and if the home is eligible, we will issue a short-term guarantee providing the Seller and Buyer will a fully transferrable termite guarantee. This protects the Buyer from issues which could arise during the closing process while giving the Seller a low cost option to help them sell the home faster. The typical fee is $45.00 for a 90 day term for most homes. This plan is exclusive to 360PestControl and it includes both subterranean and drywood termites.

Buyer’s Termite Protection Plan

Even if the home has a transferrable termite guarantee, most plans only cover eastern subterranean termites. This plan provides the Buyer with a short term, low fee, guarantee against infestation of other termites/beetles/fungi for 90 days. This allows the Buyer the time to close and get organized while they determine what termite protection plan is best for them. Priced from $45.00 for 90 days – total peace of mind against a major threat to their investment

Realtors – these plans make great gifts to your clients too! Compare this to your common gift choices.

Spot Treatment for common WDO issues

Spot Treatment for common WDO issues: We give Seller’s the opportunity to have common wood destroying issues treated at the inspection. Typical issues include minor water damage to wood trim, and localized evidence/damage from wood destroying insects or fungi – the issues which commonly result in loan denials, yet do not pose a significant threat to the home. Further, if the Buyer chooses to use 360PestControl for future services, we may discount their service plan accordingly.

“Why settle for less than 360?”