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360PestControl is unique within the pest management industry. We did not start out as exterminators; we started out as building inspectors and building scientists who learned structure infesting pests are most often related to building conditions rather than external pest pressure. While we can’t stop insects from invading your property, with effective maintenance and barrier treatment we can reduce their ability to colonize and infest your home or workspace.

We’re not the oldest or the biggest name in pest management but few companies come close to matching our qualifications and commitment to service. Give us a call today at (904) 637-1109.

What Sets Us Apart?

Let’s agree, nobody wants to pay for pest and termite control services, but like property insurance, you can’t afford to live without it. We respect that and that is why we strive to add value to our services like:

  • We’re building scientists too so each year we provide you with a comprehensive building inspection. We keep track of your exterior maintenance needs, so you are informed of needed repairs. We inspect your roof, wall cladding, windows and doors so you can avoid expensive repairs later.
  • We have comprehensive plans which include any pest you may normally encounter so you don’t need to worry about expensive treatments when they occur. No extra fees for rodent removal, bee or wasp treatments, wildlife trapping or other uncommon pests. Many of our competitors rely upon these ancillary treatments to supplement their “low fee” contracts; it’s sort of like, “pay me now or pay me later”.
  • Free mold analysis should you develop a problem. You won’t have to pay for outside mold testing. That service alone could equal the cost of your yearly pest control service!
  • Most of our technicians hold dual State of Florida licensure in pest control and home inspection. We understand pests and insects and we understand building construction.
  • If your insurance carrier is demanding updated inspection reports like Wind Mitigation or 4-Point inspection, we can handle that for you. You don’t need to find an inspector you don’t know, and you won’t have to use the inspector the insurance company wants to send to your property.
  • Our technicians are equipped with the best technology including thermal cameras, borescopes, drones, remote crawlers, and the patented TermaTrac® which uses radar to locate live activity behind walls. Ask our competitors if their technicians provide this level of service.
  • We never “oversell”, meaning we will never try to sell treatments you do not need. You will never hear us advise you need to “tent” your house because termite swarmer’s landed on your window. We will investigate when it does happen, determine if they entered the structure and if so, we would spot treat to prevent them from establishing a colony and monitor the situation.

Ask our competitors if they offer dual state licensed technicians, free mold analysis or insurance reports with their contract. Even more important, ask them if they will give you a free annual home inspection. Simply knowing about minor repairs before they become major repairs could save you thousands of dollars later.

360 Protection

Full-Service Pest Management in Jacksonville

We are a full-service pest management company offering general pest control, termite treatment and prevention, and lawn & ornamental insect control. Our services are available to residential, commercial, multi-family, COA’s, HOA’s and agriculture properties.

We are proud members of the Florida Pest Management Association, the National Pest Management Association, and we are QualityPro™ certified (less than 4% of pest management companies have achieved this credential).

We are a science-based company holding advanced degrees in Entomology from both Purdue University and the University of Florida. We are deeply concerned with protecting indoor air quality and our environment and we use Assessment-Based Pest Management principles to control and eradicate urban and structure infesting pests. Whenever possible, we incorporate 25b Minimum Risk Pesticides and targeted use of slow-release chitin inhibitors, and insect growth regulators which prevent insects from reproduction. We treat where the insects live rather than where you live.

Our services are safe for children, pets and the environment

Give us a call before you choose a pest management provider.
There is a big difference in what we do.

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