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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are blood suckers which feed on humans. They are excellent hitchhikers and are transported on our clothes, backpacks, luggage and our bodies. Communal gathering places such as theaters, gymnasiums, office buildings, public transportation, libraries, schools and daycare facilities allow hitchhikers opportunity to find new hosts.

Bed bugs are invasive, and it is common for colonies to spread throughout multi-family properties such as apartment, hotel or condominium buildings. Females produce up to 541 eggs in their lifetime. Adults are about ¼” long. Contact the experts at 360PestControl today by calling (904) 637-1109 for professional bed bug removal. We serve Jacksonville and more areas throughout Florida.

Bed bug extermination in Jacksonville

Identification & Treatment

Bed bugs leave small, reddish-brown fecal spots on mattresses, upholstery or walls. They leave small bite wounds in our skin which can become swollen and itchy. We may also see white molt skins and eggshells. They hide in our mattresses, box springs, dressers, electrical wall outlets, bed frames, cracks, picture frames, wallpaper and behind baseboards.

Treating bed bugs is best performed by a pest management professional with training in bed bug removal. DIY chemicals purchased online or in big box hardware centers are rarely effective. A well-established bed bug colony is difficult to remove. Many bed bugs are resistant to commonly used insecticides.

Homeowners should be wary of exterminators promising bed bug treatment for low fees. Their approach is to typically soak the entire room in chemicals and sell you a mattress encasement. The cure may be worse than the illness.

Bed Bug Treatment by 360PestControl

Treatment for bed bugs will require cooperation between the owner and the pest professional.


  1. Owner should reduce clutter.
  2. Owner should remove all personal items.
  3. Owner should place all clothes, linens, draperies, and stuffed animals in plastic bags. Clothes and linens should be laundered and dried above 115 degrees F, if possible. Clothes which cannot be dried at high heat should be placed in separate bags for chemical treatment by the pest professional.

Single nesting ants (Pyramid, Rover, Harvester, Crazy, Thief, Pyramid and Acrobat) often require perimeter treatment, treatment of the nest and exclusion of entry points into the structure.

Jacksonville Professional Bed Bug Extermination

Treatment options include:

  • Steam cleaning/heat treatment of mattress/boxspring, bed frame, furniture, carpets/rugs
  • Treatment with liquid/dust insecticides labeled for bed bugs for knockdown and residual control
  • Monitoring

Most bed bugs can be removed in one treatment but large infestations over several rooms/units may require multiple visits. Bed bugs do not carry any known disease.

Bed Bug Control Services & More

360PestControl serves the Jacksonville area in addition to more areas throughout Florida which include Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Crestview, Fort Pierce, and more. Pests we can assist you with include bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitos, fleas, bees, and more. Contact us today at (904) 637-1109.

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