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360PestControl utilizes Assessment-Based Pest Management* (APM) strategies to protect our clients and their facilities. APM recognizes that pesticide application is NOT pest control. Every business is unique and the old “spray and pray” methodologies simply do not work. If it did, based on the billions of gallons of insecticides applied over the last 50 years, no one would have a pest problem!

Businesses are under more pressure today than at any point in history to provide a clean, safe, pest-free environment. Social media reports of pest infestations can devastate your business reputation. Many business owners do not understand that most pest problems are based on building related issues or operational processes rather than sanitation or cleanliness. If your pest management company does not realize this or is unable to analyze the problem, no amount of chemical treatment will resolve the pest problem. In fact, it will most likely make the problem worse.

Insects and rodents carry and transmit many diseases, pathogens, and bacteria. They pose a health hazard and controlling pests is an absolute necessity for our health and welfare. Nothing screams “stay away” to the public more than seeing cockroaches running across the floor or knowing the establishment has a rat problem. We can eliminate that worry and all you must do is give us a call (904) 637-1109 for a free evaluation. All we ask is that you have a commitment to operating a pest free business and that you understand that commitment is not based on finding the lowest price but in finding the best solution for your property/business. We serve Jacksonville and more areas throughout Florida.

We can’t match the lowest bid and the lowest bid can’t match our service.

There is a big difference between price and value. Price is what you pay, and value is what you get. We can provide exceptional value for the price. We have developed unique service protocols to compliment many businesses. Our programs allow you to operate knowing your pest management partner is on the job and without disruption to operating budgets. Here are some examples of what we can do for your business:

Lodging / Hospitality

Commercial Pest Management in Jacksonville

The number one pest complaint in guest rooms is bedbugs and that is why our service concentrates on eliminating bedbugs before they can colonize. Interestingly, our treatment protocol for bedbugs also prevents infestation of other crawling insects like cockroaches, fleas, earwigs and silverfish.

360PestControl is proud to use the BASF product line for control of bedbugs, fleas and other common insects. Phantom, Alpine WSG and PT Alpine are the proven leaders in eradicating fleas and bedbugs (and cockroaches too). Along with the best products, inspection and targeted application ensure your facility is protected. We go where other pest management companies do not – where the insects are!

If your facility is incurring repeated infestations of fleas and bedbugs it may be due to insufficient treatment by your current pest management provider. Many of our competitors will low ball the monthly fee in anticipation of billing for bedbugs and fleas later. While that may work for them, it certainly does not work for your budget or your online reputation.

47% of travelers report finding bedbugs, at least once, in their guest room and 75% of pest management companies report finding bedbugs in hotel/motels. Guests feel a responsibility to report their findings in online review sites. People are sensitive to potential health conditions today and given a choice, most will readily choose a facility with no reported pest problems.

Bed Bug Inspection in Jacksonville
Bed Bug Removal in Jacksonville

Most pest management companies perform a basic chemical spray along the baseboards only. That is insufficient and as this graphic shows, less than 2% of bedbugs congregate at the baseboards. You are getting less than 2% of what you need and that may be why you are experiencing repeated complaints from guests.

Bedbugs are on the rise. In fact, in August, 2020, Forbes reported they are proliferating globally (despite Covid-19). As the world re-opens to travel, the incidence of bedbugs is expected to increase dramatically. The good news is you can avoid the impact on your business by recognizing the problem and choosing the right pest management service provider.

The reason for the emergence of bedbugs is three-fold:

  • Genetic resistance to chemicals.
  • Improper treatment by poorly trained pest management technicians or maintenance staff.
  • Inadequate budgeting for control.

Your pest management provider has never been more important to your business than today.

When you choose 360PestControl, you are choosing one of the top 4% in the nation for quality and training (recognized by the National Pest Management Association). We deliver on our promise.

*Assessment-Based Pest Management (APM) is a methodology developed by Dr. Dini Miller of Virginia Tech University.

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Healthcare Facilities

We specialize in safe and effective pest control for medical practitioners. Our monthly service is scheduled during your non-operating hours, so your patients never see us or insects.

Why should you consider 360PestControl as your pest management provider? Simply, we are more qualified to protect your practice and keep you in compliance with federal/state guidelines and health codes. Few pest control firms are qualified or have the knowledge to provide pest management services in a medical environment, but they won’t admit it. There is only one way for you to know – look for the only national certification awarded to companies who have the training and commitment to excel in healthcare facilities.

Awarded to less than 4% of all pest management companies in the USA by the National Pest Management Association. In compliance with the Public Health certification, our treatment protocols are science-based and proven to be safe and effective and in compliance with all regulations and guidelines.

Our service will guarantee your facility is protected against cockroach, spider, flies, ants, bed bugs, fleas and rodents as well as other less common, crawling insects.

We can protect your facility against termites, birds, mosquitos and other wildlife too!

Property Management

Pest Prevention for Commercial Buildings in Jacksonville

Retail centers and commercial office buildings pose a unique challenge to pest management. Let’s face it, these are busy places with a diverse occupancy. Goods are constantly coming in from warehouses, people are in transition, food is abundant, doors are constantly open, and trash can be a problem. Our actions encourage insects, rodents, and wildlife while we simultaneously try to exterminate their presence. It is a constant challenge to balance the two and that is where Assessment-Based Pest Management (APM) excels to protect against infestation while minimizing cost.

Using APM, 360PestControl will assess and identify risk targets and prepare a plan suitable to control pest pressure. Target pests usually include cockroach, spider, ants and rodents. Management planning typically includes all high target areas such as refuse/trash, shipping/receiving, perimeter barrier, food preparation/eating areas and wet locations.

No pest management company, in good faith, can guarantee a “pest free” environment on a busy shopping center – it is physically impossible to eliminate all pests. However, provided you maintain the property and work with us toward a common goal, we can guarantee your facility will not be infested or suffer from code violations and the resultant negative press associated with it.

Food/Beverage Service

360PestControl is committed to our role in helping you maintain a healthy and safe business. In food/beverage centers, the little things we do make the difference and that is why we do not offer a low-fee, basic service. Frankly, a monthly spray just does not work. It’s not good for you, your customers or us.

Maintaining an acceptable pest/insect balance in a busy food/beverage operation takes skill, knowledge, and hard work. There is no shortcut. Many pest management companies will readily offer you a basic “spray” package for common crawling insects and minimal rodent control. In other words, they will give you 15 minutes a month and the rest is up to you. Of course, you can pay for needed add-on services, but treatment “after-the-fact” is often too late – you already have a problem!

Protecting your business from cockroaches, flies, gnats, odors, rodents, mosquitos, and other nuisance pests is what we do, and we do it well. If you are looking for the lowest possible fee/minimal service, we are not a good match.

Food Safety Certified

No, we are not “over-priced”, but we have also learned what it takes to succeed, and we don’t want to see either of us fail. If you are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy establishment or if you have suffered the failure of other pest management companies, give us a call for a free evaluation.

360PestControl has earned the prestigious Food Safety certification from the National Pest Management Association. Less than 4% of all pest management companies in the USA have achieved this award. You have worked hard to build your business, or you have invested heavily to open your business and we think you deserve a pest management partner who recognizes your effort. Give us a call to discuss your unique operation.

Pest management plans in Jacksonville


Hiring a pest management professional is often relegated to commodity shopping the lowest price and many companies are happy to give you what you asked for. Those companies know they will make up the low, no-profit, fee with emergency service work later. It is really the wrong approach and many communities develop major pest issues because of the approach.

The difference between a carefully planned pest management program and a poorly defined plan is generally:

  • Improper or no assessment. The low bid has no idea what pest pressures exist.
  • Improper use of chemicals or usage of low-cost/ineffective chemicals. The service company is using ineffective chemical formulations to which the insects have most likely developed resistance to. They may as well be spraying water.

Controlling insects requires assessment. The pest management professional must know what specie is present, where it is harboring and what conducive conditions exist which created the colony. There must be more than a plan to spray baseboards to “control” the infestation. Tenants deserve a safe environment and laws are in place to support their rights. Insect/pest infestations in our homes are not normal nor should they be accepted.

Using Assessment-Based Pest Management principles we can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your community that you can depend on.

360PestControl has received the prestigious QualityPro certification from the National Pest Management Association. Less than 4% of all pest management companies nationwide have earned this designation.

When you work with us, you are working with the absolute best. We excel in correcting pest problems where others have failed. Call us for a free consultation on your property. We offer termite, bed bug and rodent services too!

Quality Pro Certified Pest Control in Jacksonville

Daycare & Pre-K Schools

360PestControl treats schools and daycare centers with the same protocol we use in healthcare facilities. No child should ever be exposed to insecticides nor should they be exposed to disease and bacteria carrying insects. Our goal is to provide a pest-free, safe environment for our children. Our program concentrates on elimination of cockroaches, ants, flies, mice, spiders, and millipedes/centipedes.

For facilities with kitchens, we will work with you to keep your facility in full compliance with all regulations and health inspections. We have a better plan for your facility and we would love the chance to discuss what we can do for your school. 360PestControl has received the prestigious QualityPro – Schools certification from the National Pest Management Association. Less than 4% of all pest management companies nationwide have earned this designation. We would be pleased to post this certification at your school. Your parents would be pleased to know you partner with a pest management professional who will protect their children. Please give us a call to discuss your pest program.

School Certified pest prevention & Extermination in Jacksonville

Industrial / Warehouse / Logistics

Industrial pest inspections in Jacksonville

Controlling pests and insects in manufacturing, storage and distribution facilities is complex and challenging. These facilities represent a microcosm of a city environment. People and goods are transient, we have multi-modal transportation, sanitation, grounds, and food service/preparation. Common pest pressures include cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, termites, snakes, millipedes, centipedes, mice, and rats. Exclusion, monitoring, recordkeeping and rapid response are the cornerstones of an effective pest management program for these facilities.

Your facility will be assessed by an Associate Certified Entomologist who will develop a pest management plan around the uniqueness of your facility. Proper identification of pest pressure(s) is vital to a comprehensive plan. Please call us at (904) 637-1109 to discuss your facility needs. 360PestControl serves the Jacksonville area in addition to more areas throughout Florida which include Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Crestview, Fort Pierce, and more.

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