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Flies are major vectors of disease and pathogens including dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, salmonella and cause infections such as trachoma and epidemic conjunctivitis. Flies carry over 100 pathogens and contaminate our food.

Many flies feed on and breed in feces and rotting matter, such as the blowfly and house fly. Some flies feed on and breed in decaying organic matter, decaying vegetation or slime in drains such as moth flies, and eye gnats. Some feed on and breed in decaying animal carcasses and wounds in living animals such as Flesh flies, Black blow flies, Blue bottle flies, Bronze bottle flies, and Secondary Screwworm flies.

At 360PestControl, we serve Jacksonville and more areas throughout Florida.

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How do we treat flies?

To effectively control flies, the food and water source must be identified and removed. Property owners are often surprised to learn of dead animal carcasses in crawlspaces, attics or wall voids. Poor or compromised drainage piping can be a source of continuing infestation of Drain flies, Fruit flies or Phorid flies as well as poor cleaning methods.

Rural properties are often affected by foraging flies from adjacent pastures where livestock owners may not be controlling larvae by screening manure piles or chemical treatment. Face flies, house flies, stable flies and horn flies are common pasture flies in Florida.

Pest Control for Flies in Jacksonville
  1. Inspection and identification.
  2. Locate food and water sources.
  3. Locate breeding sites.
  4. Knockdown of adult flies.
  5. Treatment of breeding sites/larvae.
  6. Residual control with proven insecticides.
  7. Residual control with traps, lures and lights.
  8. Exclusion and habitat modification.
  9. Monitoring and follow up as needed.

360 Degree Protection

Are you planning an outdoor, special event like a wedding, reunion or party? 360PestControl provides fly control services to residential, commercial, food/beverage service, lodging, hospitality, health care, industrial, distribution/warehousing and agriculture accounts. Call us at (904) 637-1109 to learn how we can control flies and mosquitos for your special event.

360PestControl serves the Jacksonville area in addition to more areas throughout Florida which include Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Crestview, Fort Pierce, and more. Pests we can assist you with include ants, rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, mosquitos, fleas, bees, and more.

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