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When you talk, we listen and we will act on your concerns. While we can’t promise you will never see a common pest in your home (no company can), we will make sure we both understand the implications when you do and, we will make sure your home is protected against infestation and that we protect your home in a safe and responsible manner.

William Chandler, Associate Certified Entomologist

We recognize your home and your family are unique. Boilerplate service and packages simply do not work for everyone. We want to know your unique service needs and we will take the time to listen. We don’t want your annual service contract for pest services, we want your business for life and we will do what it takes to earn that commitment. Discover why we have a 98% retention rate with our valued pest control customers. Start with our unique service packages shown below – feel free to discuss any changes with your Service Manager.

Most Popular

360Advantage Plan

Protects your home from ants, roaches, flies, pantry pests, spiders, and subterranean termites. Includes Always Active Sentricon Termite Bait System – no other system provides more protection. Includes protection against both Eastern and Formosan subterranean termites. Includes our Repair & retreat Guarantee with annual renewals for life! You’ll never pay more – your price is locked in. Fully transferable. If you plan to sell, homes with the Sentricon System sell faster and for more money!

$1021 for first year
$504/ down + $47/ mo (11 mo)
$672 for subsequent years| $56/ month
about $1.84/day

Most Protection

360Advantage Plan PLUS

Our most comprehensive plan. Includes everything listed in our 360Advantage Plan



earwigs and silverfish for pest control

drywood termite treatment  for termite protection

$1261 for first year
$634/ down + $57/ mo (11 mo)
$960 for subsequent years| $80/ mo
About $2.63/ day

Great for Condos/ Townhomes

Pest180 Plan

Includes an initial flush-out of common pests such as ants, flies, roaches, pantry pests, and spiders. After initial interior and exterior service, we will return to service the exterior on the 4th month and the 8th month – total of 3 times per year. We will re-treat the interior if an infestation is found at no extra fee.

$362/ year
$120/ down + $22/ month (11 mo)
less than $1/ day

Don’t Want an Annual Plan?

One Time Service

One time flush-out interior pest service.





$250 due time of service.

“I know you’ll be there if needed”. H. Turker.
“No bugs!”T. Barone
“I’m very happy with 360PestControl. Easy scheduling and responsive service.” D. Carter