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Rodents – A Real Problem

Rodents are a very real problem in northeastern Florida. As Florida grows in population and distribution of goods, the rodent population grows with it.

Rodent Control from 360PestControl

Our sub-tropical climate provides an ideal environment for rats, mice, and other rodents to thrive, and food is plentiful. The only place in Florida where the rodent population is decreasing is the Everglades which is due to the invasive Burmese python.

Economic and Monitary Damage

Conventional baiting and trapping are just not as effective as in the past. Rodenticides and poisons are often not practical, nor environmentally accepted, and pending legislation will place even greater restrictions on their use.

Rats carry 35 known diseases and cause over $19 billion per year in damage. Once the public becomes aware an establishment has a rodent problem, they often never use the business again. The economic damage can be fatal to most businesses.

Business and property owners should understand the problem of rats and mice is growing and the cost to exterminate or control their populations is increasing, along with every other product and service. Owners should become proactive to control costs and set up a monitoring program that alerts them to infestation early on, leading the cost to exterminate to be lower and the economic damage minimized.

Rodent Control Experts

360PestControl is a full-service pest control company with offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Crestview. We are an authorized user of the ActiveSense® remote monitoring system by Corteva AgriScience which alert us when rodents are trapped. We specialize in commercial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, retail centers, schools, daycare, hotels, motels, and medical facilities. Contact us today at (904) 637-1109 or request service online!

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