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Swarming Season Is Upon Us!

Termite Treatment with 360PestControl

It may be six more weeks of winter in Pennsylvania, but here in Jacksonville, it’s Eastern subterranean termite swarming season!

Yes, this is the time of year when homeowners start seeing winged termites on their doorsteps, windows, and sometimes, inside their homes. This often creates panic in a homeowner and unscrupulous termite companies may take advantage of your fear.

What To Do If You See A Winged Termite Swarm

  1. Don’t panic. Termite swarms are normal in our area.
  2. If swarmers are on the outside of your home, around doors or windows, look to see if there are gaps or cracks in framing or caulking where they could enter the walls. If so, a spot treatment should be performed by a licensed pest control company as a precaution.
  3. If swarmers are found inside the home, you should order a termite inspection by a truly qualified termite inspector. The inspector will look for evidence of exit holes and frass which may determine if the termites are active inside your walls, floors, or ceilings or if they simply invaded your home through open doors. If live activity is found inside the home, the inspector can recommend a treatment program to eradicate them. Be careful when hiring the termite inspector and only hire an inspector who works for a full-service, pest control company. Many home inspectors conduct WDO/termite inspections, but they are not fully employed by a full-service, pest control company and they do not offer treatment. You are wasting your time and money. Hire an inspector who is qualified to use TermaTrac® which is a patented technology using radar, thermal, and moisture sensing to locate and track termites behind walls, floors, and ceilings.
  4. Beware of “free termite inspections”. You can bet the “free” termite inspector will recommend termite treatment (whether you need it or not).
  5. Never, ever, accept a recommendation to fumigate or “tent” your home without obtaining a truly, independent, second opinion. Yes, fumigation may be necessary if the home has a large infestation throughout the structure but fumigation would never be needed due to a first-time swarm.
  6. Be careful obtaining second opinions or quotes for termite treatment. Many “local” companies are owned by the same corporation so, in essence, you may be getting two quotes from the same corporation without realizing it.

360PestControl’s Termite Inspections

Our TermaTrac® termite inspection is fully guaranteed. On average, we save our clients over $3,000 in unnecessary termite treatments. To request service or to learn more about our services including, termite treatments, ant control, mosquito control, commercial pest management, and WDO inspections, contact 360PestControl at (904) 637-1109.

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