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Many high-volume pest control companies expect their technicians to service 15 to 20 homes a day, leaving them with little time to service the home. A typical technician has about six hours of production time in an eight-hour workday, leaving about 18 minutes per stop including driving time, or about seven minutes per home for treatment.

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This is what the industry calls “spray and pray”, where every home gets the same chemical spray. It’s also why most pest control companies only come inside your home if you alert them to an issue. Basically, you’re getting an hour of service per year, on a quarterly service schedule, assuming they treat the interior once.

Control Vs. Prevention

This scenario begs us to ask the question, “Are you getting any benefit in paying for pest control?”. The short answer is yes, based on the term “pest control”. Systemic or ongoing chemical treatment using industry-accepted insecticides will manage the crawling insect populations and prevent large infestations inside your home. It is “control” and not necessarily “prevention”.

Consumers should understand that proven, non-repellant, insecticides are expensive. If the you choose to perform DIY pest control, your chemical cost will most likely be upwards of one-third of the fee you’re paying the pest control company. In essence, you’re now paying two-thirds of the fee to have a licensed company provide the service. The reason behind the success in controlling pests is the service provider will perform regularly scheduled treatments. More likely than not, the DIY consumer will treat when they see insects or when they think about it. By then, there is probably an infestation, and the typical consumer, at best, can only reduce the population with spraying or cause the colonies to split off into multiple colonies.

Addressing Unique Needs

What consumers do not typically receive from their pest management provider is assessment. Consumers often look for the lowest price in selecting a service provider or they simply hire the company with the biggest advertising budget; the name they see more often. Pest control companies rarely explain the difference to consumers as their goal is to sign up as many accounts as possible. There is no time to discuss your individual needs when the technician has seven minutes to treat your home.

While some consumers are fine with controlling insects at the lowest possible cost, others may want or need a little more. You may be more concerned with the toxicity of the chemicals being used, have an aversion or fear of specific insects, or want a more inclusive service plan which offers more services to avoid potential expensive treatments such as rodent control. Those consumers should take a little more time in choosing a pest management company. In short, you need a company that will take the time to assess your home and incorporate your needs into the service plan.

Value Over Price

Remember, the price is what you pay but the value is what you get. The low fee, quarterly chemical spray will cover you against infestation for the specific pests identified in the contract. You will pay for everything beyond that. Typically, this would include additional fees for bees/wasps, rats and mice, termites, birds, squirrels, opossums, armadilloes, food & pantry pests, moths, fire or carpenter ants, German cockroaches, and more. These are all common pests in Florida. Consumers often find treatment for non-covered pests greatly exceeds the cost of the basic service plan. For example, the cost to exterminate mice can easily cost $600 to $1800 alone.

The 360PestControl Difference

At 360PestControl, we believe our service should be more inclusive. While we offer a basic pest control plan which is suitable for some customers, we prefer to offer a plan which protects against termites, insects, and lawn/ornamental diseases. This plan provides total coverage against all pests including rodents, fire ants, bees, wasps, or any other critter.

In addition, we provide our customers with a free annual exterior home inspection. Once a year, we assess the roof, windows, doors, wall cladding, and foundation to alert you to needed repairs. This annual report also serves to document the condition of your home in the event you suffer storm damage and need to make an insurance claim. This benefit alone could mean the difference in receiving an equitable settlement with your insurance carrier.

Insects, fungi, rodents, moisture, and turf/ornamental disease are constant threats to our homes. Nothing devalues a home greater than termite damage as no one wants to buy a home with structural damage. Most homeowners can protect their homes against these threats for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee per day.

If money is a consideration, would you choose to buy a tall white mocha or protect your home and the health of your family?

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