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Common Indoor Pests by Location

Our homes provide shelter, nesting sites, food and water for many pests and insects. Some prefer to live in our homes while others are foraging for food/water and some are seeking shelter from prolonged rain or flooding.

Proper identification of the insect, by specie, is important to controlling pests safely and economically. For example, all cockroaches are not the same. German and Brownbanded cockroaches prefer to live inside our homes while other species do not and when we find American, Smokeybrown or Woods cockroaches, for example, there is often no need for treatment as they prefer to live outdoors; they will generally leave on their own.

Common pests found by location include:


Roof Rats and Mice Shelter and construct nests
Squirrel Construct nests
Birds Construct nests
Bees, Wasps, and Hornets Construct hives and deposit eggs
Brownbanded Cockroach Construct nests and communal gathering places
Blow Flies Feed on dead carcasses
Drywood Termites Infest seasoned wood framing
Anobiid Powderpost Beetles Infest seasoned wood framing


Cockroach Seeks moisture
Earwig Seeks moisture
Silverfish Seeks moisture
Subterranean Termite Consumes water damaged wood around plumbing leaks
Ants Seeks water and can feed on some cosmetics


German Cockroach Nests around refrigerators and dishwashers – warm places
Brownbanded Cockroach Seeks food and water
Silverfish Feeds on starches and carbohydrates like cereal
Drywood Termite Infests cabinets
Lyctis Powderpost Beetles Infests cabinets
House Mouse Seeks food and water
Ants Seeks food and water
House Fly Seeks food and water
Pantry Pests Attack stored grains in pantry


Mice Build nests in stored goods
Formosan Subterranean Termites Construct carton nests on water heaters
Ants Seeks shelter
Cockroach Nests in stored goods and congregates around water heater
House Fly Congregates around doors and windows
Moths Attracted to light
Termite Swarmeres Land around doors and windows
Spiders Build webs on walls and in corners

Living/Family Room:

Fleas Carried inside on people/pets
Dust Mites Live beneath furniture, along baseboards


Fleas Often found on dog beds
Bed Bugs Carried in. Lives on beds, dressers and along baseboards


Spiders Build webs around ceiling lights
Gnats Attracted to light
Flies Attracted to light
Mud Dauber Builds nest under eaves
Ants Trail along foundation to gain entry into home
Bees Construct hives behind wall cladding and in eaves
Roof Rats and Squirrels Gain entrance to home at attic/soffit openings


Wood Boring Beetles Infest seasoned wood
Subterranean Termites Infest seasoned wood
Wildlife Hunt and nest in protected crawlspaces
Wood Decaying Fungi Consumes damp wood
Mice Construct nests behind insulation and in ductwork
Cockroach Live in broken sewer piping and debris piles
Flies Consume dead carcasses
Fleas Live on live animal hosts which enter the crawlspace

Please consider our homes and workspaces are a haven for many pests and insects. A pest management professional must be knowledgeable in the biology and habits of each target pest/insect. Pest prevention requires thorough inspection of all areas and a multi-faceted plan of action.

360PestControl provides full-service pest control, termite inspections, termite treatment, lawn & ornamental services across Florida.

William Chandler is an Associate Certified Entomologist and Building Scientist with over 40 years of experience in pest control, mold and moisture investigation, building construction and forensic building investigation. He is a Termite Expert by UF/PMU.

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