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How Does A Consumer Know They Are Hiring The Best Pest Control Company?

Hint: You won’t find them listed in a Google search for “best pest control company near me”.

In this post I would like to divulge a few things which distinguishes the best pest control companies apart from the average, or not so good companies. The things which most consumers would not think to consider.

Hiring a Pest Control Company

Hiring a pest control company to solve a problem, or to keep your home/office free of damaging insects deserves your attention. Many consumers mistakenly approach this by calling a few companies found on Google and shopping for the lowest fee. Consumers often find most companies are priced similarly, so given pricing is rarely more than 10% apart, how will you know which company is the best choice?

1. Look For The Company Who’s Willing To Listen To Your Needs/Concerns

Very large pest control companies often have sales staff who are trained to sell packages such as, pest and termite, or pest/termite and lawn and they will assure you they will also take care of your problem “in the package”.

2. Look For Credentials

Look for credentials beyond that of the basic pest control operator license (required by the state). You want to know the company you are considering hiring is professional. The company should be a member of the Florida Pest Management Association, they should have an Associate Certified Entomologist or Board Certified Entomologist on staff (in your state) and they should show they have on-going training for their technicians.

3. Don’t Be Fooled By The Size Of The Company

Pest control is personal, and each home/office is unique. A well-qualified, local company often out-performs the very large, national brands who sell volume services. I think most would agree a local company generally values your business more. As the owner of a local company, I run my business with this in mind: “I don’t want my wife to hear someone complaining about my company when she is in line at the grocery store”.

4. Does The Company Have Unique Tooling To Make Them Better?

There are some great tools available to pest control companies, but many don’t invest in them due to the cost such as TermaTrac® which uses radar to find hidden insects/termites in walls or ActiveSense® which provides remote sensing for rodent activity (saves consumers money and frustration). Do their technicians carry thermal cameras and moisture meters to aid in detecting problems you can’t see? Companies who invest in technology simply outperform those who don’t.

5. Quality Pro™ Certified Company by the National Pest Management Association

Perhaps one of the most important qualifiers which distinguishes the very best from the field is being a Quality Pro™ certified company by the National Pest Management Association. Becoming QualityPro® certified is a rigorous and on-going process undertaken by both the management of the company and the employees.

A QualityPro™ certified company adheres to the best core values in pest management, must complete arduous testing, has a qualified hiring process, vehicle standards, insurance coverage, provides safe work practices and submits to periodic audits. Companies can become certified in Green Practices, Schools, Food Safety and Public Health.

When you deal with a QualityPro™ certified company, you are dealing with the top 4% of all pest management companies. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing you hired the very best?


360PestControl is proud to be QualityPro™ certified and recognized as one of the top 4% of all pest management companies nationally! For our termite and pest control services in the Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas, contact us at (904) 637-1109 to request service today.

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