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Treatment for Cycad Aulacaspis Scale

Treatment for Cycad Aulacaspis Scale in Jacksonville, FL is challenging but it can be successful if caught early. This scale is present year-round but the population of the scale increases during warmer months. This scale is also known as cycad scale, Asian scale and sago scale.

Cycad Aulacaspis Scale in Jacksonville, FL

It is commonly found on both king and queen sago plants. It is a serious pest which may ultimately kill the host plant. This pest is easily spread and dispersed as wind carries the crawlers to settle on other host plants. Basically, if a neighbor has scale, you will most likely get it on your plants too.

Cycad Aulacaspis Scale

The cycad aulacaspis scale is an armored scale. The female armor is white, less than 1/16″ long and may be pear or irregularly shaped. The male armor is white, about ¼” long and elongate with parallel ridges and generally outnumber the females.

Crawlers (newly hatched eggs) infest the trunk and base of the leaves. Initially you will see chlorotic spots on the underside of the leaves. The damaged leaves turn brown and eventually the plant dies.


Sago palms should be carefully inspected in the spring and if found, treatment should be performed immediately. Homeowners should understand washing the scale from the leaves is helpful, but it will not control the infestation. Dead or brown leaves should be removed, bagged and disposed off-site.

Control of the infestation will require soil drenching with a 10% solution of dinotefuran along with foliar insecticidal treatments. As long as the pest is present in your neighborhood, on-going treatments will be necessary to protect your plants.

Before you begin treatment for scale on your palms, check around your neighborhood. If cycad scale is prominent throughout your subdivision, the on-going cost to treat may outweigh the value of your palms. Annual treatment for four cycad palms could cost $600 (sorry, the chemicals are expensive). Palms which are severely infested may require removal/replacement. The soil should still be treated before any new planting is performed.


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