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According to realtor.com, 28% of new homebuyers over the past year have migrated to Florida from another state. If you are one of them – Welcome to Florida!

Termite Treatment and Control

Many people who move to Florida from northern states are simply not aware of the elevated termite population throughout the Sunshine State. Florida is home to many different species of both subterranean and drywood termites which cause millions of dollars in damage to our homes and offices each year.

In addition to termites, Florida is also subject to damage from other wood destroying organisms such as wood rot, powderpost beetles, and wood borers. Our hot, humid, and wet climate provides a perfect habitat for wood destroying insects and organisms.

Knowledge is Power

Homebuyers often overlook the importance of knowing the condition and the history of the property before they purchase it. Buyers should insist the seller provide proof of termite treatments and prevention. If the home has a current termite guarantee, you should obtain a copy of the contract and carefully review it to determine the specific coverage provided. Many termite contracts may only cover damage from the Eastern subterranean termite or provide retreatment only for a specific termite specie.

Property buyers in Florida should hire the most qualified WDO/termite inspector they can find. Never, ever, hire the cheapest inspector you can find; you’ll get what you pay for. A WDO report which excludes everything is basically worthless.

Hire The Best Termite Company

If the home has a current termite guarantee, you should understand you have no obligation to keep it. You should shop around to see what you can get. The key to hiring the best termite company is hiring the company who will provide the best inspection. Many pest/termite control companies will offer liquid treatments or bait stations, but you should understand they only protect what comes into contact with them. You need a company who will send a qualified inspector to your home, at least annually, and who will provide a thorough inspection to prevent catastrophic damage. Far too many termite companies fail to provide this because it simply costs money to pay a good inspector to inspect your home! They would rather offer you a discounted renewal cost and pocket the money until you have a claim. Many are simply rolling the dice knowing many people only own their home for 5-7 years and major termite damage may not be visible within the first few years.

Your subterranean termite coverage should include both the Eastern and Formosan termite. Paying for coverage for Eastern termites does you no good if Formosan termites invade your home! The termite company may say your damage is from Formosan termites and it is not covered – how would you know the difference? One way is to hire 360PestControl to conduct a thorough inspection using the TermaTrac detection system. We will not only identify the exact specie of termite, but we will also locate the areas of activity so you can understand the treatment options best for you. Don’t rely upon the word of your termite representative; trust but verify.

Call Us Today!

It is a big mistake to assume all termite companies are equal – they are far from it. Take a little time to understand the risk of termite damage to your property and understand you are taking a huge risk if you do not protect your property. For quality termite treatment, you can request service by contacting us at (904) 637-1109 today.

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