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What is a Wood Destroying Organism inspection?

Our Florida homes are subject to attack from wood destroying organisms such as wood decaying fungi (white or brown rot), subterranean, Formosan and drywood termites, powderpost beetles, and old house borers. Before purchasing a home, the buyer should always have the structure inspected for the presence of wood destroying organisms. Note: Carpenter bees and ants are not considered a wood destroying organism in Florida as they do not consume wood.

Mistakenly, many buyers are advised this inspection is not necessary if the seller has an active termite bond. What many do not understand is a termite bond only covers damage caused by subterranean termites; subterranean termites represent about 12% of possible wood destroying organisms. That is similar to only inspecting 1/12th of the house before you buy it!

Florida requires anyone who inspects your home for WDO/termites must have a license issued by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Home inspectors are not allowed to inspect or report on WDO.

Our firm is licensed in both home inspection and pest control. This is important as our Inspectors are trained and licensed to fully report on the condition, at the inspection. This saves time and frustration and avoids conflicting opinions regarding the cause of the damage and what is needed for correction.

Many buyers simply do not give enough attention to the importance of a WDO inspection. Termite treatment can cost several thousand dollars and may require structural repairs or fumigation. Your homeowners insurance does not cover damage from termites.

Florida is one of the leading states affected by termites and they cause millions of dollars per year in damage. Don’t let your home be a statistic.

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