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Common signs of lawn fungus disease in your lawn include:

  1. White, yellow, brown, or gray patches or rings
  2. Thin patches of frayed, distorted, or discolored grass blades
  3. Gray, black, red, or purple spots on the blades or stems

Lawn Disease Control near Jacksonville, FL

There are several different types of lawn fungus we deal with in our Florida turf:

  1. Brown patch fungus. Common in St. Augustine and Zoysia grasses.
  2. Dollar spot. Often first observed by seeing cobwebs on the grass with morning dew.
  3. Fairy ring. We see circles of mushrooms or a circle of vivid, green grass.
  4. Root rot. Associated with wet soil conditions and poor drainage.
  5. Leaf spot. We observe brown spots with velvety patches.

Generally, fungal disease in your Florida lawn is caused by overwatering, excessive rainfall, or poor drainage. Shaded areas are also susceptible to lawn fungus diseases.


Most fungus diseases can be cured with chemical treatments if treated early in the development stages. Underlying causes of the fungus such as overwatering or poor soil drainage may also require adjustments to prevent reoccurrence. Left untreated, lawn fungus diseases will continue to grow and kill your lawn.

Diseased lawns are also susceptible to attack by turf insects and common broadleaf weeds which may require treatment for fungal disease, insects, and weed control.

360PestControl Can Help

360PestControl is licensed to treat lawn and ornamental problems. We have UF/PMU Master’s on staff who can identify problems and develop a treatment plan. Contact us at (904) 637-1109 to request service and let us keep your landscape healthy.

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