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Rodent and Pest Control This Fall and Winter

Fall is here and now is the time when insects and rodents are looking for new harborage.

360PestControl Rodent and Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL

September often brings rain and cooler nights. Insects and rodents recognize the change in the weather, so they are busy stockpiling food and building shelter for the cooler days ahead.

In Fall, we typically see an increase in rodent activity, silverfish, carpenter bee, earwig, cockroach, and bedbugs inside homes.

September is also prime time for flies and gnats so expect to see increased spider activity around lights/windows.

On the outside, we find increased activity in marmorated stink bugs, honeybees, mole cricket, armyworm, Asian lady beetle, and various species of moths. If you have cabbage in your garden, watch out for the Cabbage Looper this time of year.

Exclusion is key to preventing insects and rodents from harboring inside your home. Now is the time to touch up caulking, fix door jambs/thresholds, and replace damaged weatherstripping. Clean the gutters to remove leaf buildup as insects love to nest in them.

Pest Control Services

Our pest control service will prevent an infestation of insects both inside and outside your home. The key to successful insect prevention is consistency and quality of service. It is also the most cost-effective way to protect your home. Treating for an infestation of earwigs or silverfish in your attic can easily cost more than an annual pest control service contract which would protect you from a host of insects.

At 360PestControl, we cover you for all crawling insects in our annual service contract. If it crawls and it is inside your home, we cover it at no additional cost to you. Our competitors may not include insects like earwigs, silverfish, bedbugs, or fleas but we do. For more information or to request our pest control services, contact us at (904) 637-1109 today!

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